Kickstart Scheme – Five things to consider if you want to take part

Kickstart Scheme – Five things to consider if you want to take part
Aspire to Learn, an approved Gateway provider, have been talking to several SME’s wishing to engage us to run the scheme for them.   Here are five things you need to know:

1. How do I apply

Businesses of any size can apply, the minimum number of placements that a company can apply for is 30.  If you only have less than 30 placements, then you must partner with  approved gateway organisations to reach the minimum 30 placements

2. Which organisation can I apply through?

There are lots of organisations getting involved in the Kickstart scheme. Most are genuine, but you need to ensure you get your funding, and that whomever you choose to support you through the process can provide the mandatory employability training and certification. They should also provide mentoring to keep your new employees in work, on time and on task.

3. How will I be paid? – And this is the most critical factor we have discussed with our clients so far.

Funding will be paid in arrears – i.e. you pay the employee and are then paid back by the government – based on PAYE data provided to HMRC

After this, (DWP) will use information from HMRC to check that the young person is still employed and being paid.

The grant will then be paid in arrears – in other words, you pay the young person and are then later paid back by the government.

You will receive your initial set up costs funding once you’ve employed someone and confirmed that that person has started work, is enrolled on your payroll and is being paid through PAYE.

4. What training do I need to provide?

You need to provide employability training that is certified, and you will need to prove this to the DWP. Using an established training provider is vital, not only to support your young learner but to ensure you get the funding and keep your new employee on track.

5. What to consider in an intermediary / gateway provider

Lots of companies, associations, colleges and training providers have set up ways to pull together Kickstart applications for SME’s to meet the 30-placement requirement; however, there are things you should consider.

If you choose a business group, check if they have the training already in place. If you select a college, will your employee get up to go to a college when required?

If you consider a newly formed group hoping to apply on your behalf, check if they have the experience in bidding for government funding and if they have worked with groups of young learners successfully. It’s also worth checking if they have mentoring and training teams ready to deliver the required training to your new employees.

You will be given an extra £1500.00 towards training and set up costs, and all gateway providers will use some of that fee for training. Remember, the government is funding you to add a new employee to your business.  The funding for training is for the skills training that you need to provide.

Using a gateway provider who has the experience, time to train and mentor your employee in the mandatory employability skills, and has the certification readily available for funding is a great way to feel confident throughout your placement. They can also readily provide ongoing training through

Apprenticeships and Upskill, giving you peace of mind through and after your 6-month placement is complete.

There are lots of specialised training providers out there with years of experience in training people in your sector. Using a training provider will give you the following additional benefits: -

  • Ready certified training courses
  • Experience in working with governing bodies, jobcentre plus and local councils
  • Have a pool of candidates ready to work
  • Have the training in place to provide onward employability to your new learner upon their six months placement such as an apprenticeship

 To find out more about how to apply for the Government KickStart Scheme get in touch with us at or call us on 0208 989 9832

26 Oct 2020