Successful Apprenticeships stories

Matthew success interview

We have been posting some blogs about apprenticeships, the myths facts, how to choose the right apprenticeship and some tips for CV’s and interviews. For employers, we have provided lots of detail for increased funding for employing an apprentice.

If you haven’t seen these, you can find our apprenticeships news here.

Moving forward, we are delighted to start sharing some success stories starting with an Interview with our recently qualified Business Administrator Apprentice - Matthew

Where did you find out about the apprenticeship?

I applied online for the apprenticeship and then attended a pre-interview at Aspire to Learn.  They went through the process of an apprenticeship and explained to me what it would include and how I would be assessed at the end.  They set up an interview for me with Rapid Auto Assist the very next day and talked me through the interview process.

What made you interested in completing an apprenticeship?

I wanted to gain qualifications which would enable me to get a better job in the future, without going to university, which meant I could earn some money while qualifying.

What was the apprenticeship like?

My assessor came to visit me at work once a month. We worked through a learning plan with my manager and agreed on tasks to ensure progress through the length of the apprenticeship.  The tasks and assignments were easy to understand. I was able to contact my assessor between visits for anything I wasn’t sure about, so I felt I had support through the whole learning process.  I was provided with booklets and slideshows to help me with the assignments, and I used my real work evidence to show what I had learnt in the role. 

My job role was to complete basic admin tasks.  I had a training plan and was given training by the other staff and my manager and soon took on more responsibilities and started to progress my role with new responsibilities, such as getting more involved in managing claims.  I was pleased that it was manageable, and I wasn’t stressed or overloaded with work or assignments, I could complete the work comfortably within the time I had.

How did you find the End Point Assessment?

My EPA was delayed due to COVID 19.  The first exam I sat at home using a new online proctoring exam platform.  I was a bit worried doing it at home, and I was concerned something would go wrong with the IT, but it went well.  By the second part of the EPA,  I was able to do the presentation and interview at the Aspire office following social distancing guidelines. 

The interview and presentation itself are easy to do as the End Point Assessor is on the screen talking to you and puts you at ease.  The staff at Aspire to Learn were also then there to set up and reassure me before I went into the exam room, which helped.

What is next, now you are complete?

I have received my certificates and delighted to have been given a full-time permanent position with Rapid Auto Assist as a claim’s manager.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship with Aspire?

Yes, of course, I have gained a qualification and a full-time job. I felt I had the support of my employer and Aspire to Learn all the way through from interview to completion. I enjoyed the process and my work and am looking forward to progressing in my career.

If you are,  or know someone interested in employing or becoming an Apprentice – let us know here or call us on  0208 989 9832

14 Aug 2020