You have your grades – Good or Bad – What now?

Uni, Gap Year, Apprenticeship? There are still great options for you!

For a lot of students, it doesn't bear thinking about, but let's face it; sometimes things don't work out as planned. This year, in particular, achieving grades without full tuition has been hard for all students.

If you're one of the thousands of students who have just received their A-Level results only to be met with disappointment, then this post is for you.

First of all, do two things: -

1. Don't be hard on yourself – that won't help you

2. Make yourself a tea or coffee and read the rest of this article.

This blog is intended to reassure you that you have options and choice and help you decide on pathway into a career via university, college, or apprenticeships.

Going to Uni?

If you haven't got the grades you want, speak to your university and see if there is some exemption or a course you can do with your new grades. It would help if you did this quickly.

You can go through clearing. You can apply through UCAS; there are many organisations offering advice and help on how to do this, we found an excellent article for you here which also provides information on grade appeals, UCAS fast track and more.

Gap Year?

An unplanned Gap Year might an option, and there is some guidance to be found on the BBC global news website it covers how universities are teaching online and thoughts from students both from the UK and overseas. If you choose to do a Gap Year, make it meaningful so that when you are back, whichever choice you've made, you will not have just a gap in your CV.


Not going Uni or doing a Gap year or even undecided - You might want to consider an Apprenticeship.

If you don't want the risk of going overseas due to COVID, can't get your course of choice, or you want to improve your grades or skill sets, you could consider an Apprenticeship.

The government have created new employer-led standards. And there are 500 to choose from, from Law, Accounting and Property, to Customer Services, Marketing, IT, Teaching, Health and Social Care.

This means that the course you undertake will give you the skills, knowledge and behaviours that employers desire. So, if you have completed an apprenticeship, for example in property management or sales, when it comes to seeking full-time employment, one or two things will happen:-

  • Either your current employer will employ you
  • Or you will have the skills and knowledge that another employer desires, getting you one step closer to your chosen career path.

Even better, you will have earnt some money, avoided debt and gained invaluable work experience to add to your CV.

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular with employers; let's face it; they have been involved in the setting the standards of the courses you will take.

Courses can range from 12 months to 7 years, depending on your choice. You can even take an apprenticeship as a Gap Year, then decide on university or choose to carry the knowledge, skills and certificates you have acquired into full-time employment.

Still unsure – read our Myths and Facts about Apprenticeships

Want to become an Apprentice – get in touch with us here

Whatever you decide – we wish you the best of luck!

20 Aug 2020